Apple iPhone Shades Skin


How To Install

To install your CUCU Device Skin just peel back part of the new skin and align it to the upper edge of the device. Slowly peel back while aligning it and adjust as necessary. Only apply pressure to it once you are satisfied and it will place itself on there. When ready to remove it will come off with no residue.

Delivery and Shipping

All orders are shipped in 2-4 business days. It can take 3-10 business days within North America and 5-15 business days for International orders. 
(its worth the wait💖)


Transform your Apple iPhone with the stylish Shades Skin. This skin ensures a perfect fit and scratch protection, featuring a cool shades design. Easy to apply and remove, it allows you to update your phone's look effortlessly. Enhance your style with the CUCU Clear Phone Case for added durability and a distinctive touch.