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YES! We use a special material to make sure you can insert, swipe and tap the same way you're used to.

The covers come in many variations to fit just about any bank card, transit pass, or gift card. Scroll down for an easy guide to identify your card type.

No, the covers are designed in accordance with banks. They don't hide any sensitive information, all your important stuff is still visible!

Absolutely! Just head to the Create Your Own page and you can start designing your masterpiece 😇

Pull out your card and check the guide below. Does it have a Large Chip, Small Chip, or No Chip?

Half Covers ($5) go on just the top half of the card and these work on all bank cards. 

view Half Covers

Full Covers ($7) go on the whole card and come in two styles, 
Full Cover and Full Cover w/ Window 

Full Cover: Use this for your Transit Pass, Gift Cards, and Bank Cards that are flat on the front and/or have numbers on the back.

view Full Covers

Full Cover w/ Window: These go on the whole card and have a window so all your information is still visible. Like the Half Cover, these are for bank cards that have important details on the front that shouldn't be hidden like the numbers, name, and expiry. 

view Full Covers w/ Window

All orders are shipped in 2-4 business days. It can take up to 14 business days within North America and up to 18 business days for International orders.
(its worth the wait💖)

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