How to Know Which Chip Size Your Debit or Credit Card Has

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Every cardholder has unique tastes, and at CUCU Covers, we understand that. Whether you're looking to customize your debit card or give your credit card a personal touch, knowing the size of your card's chip is essential. Let's dive into how you can easily determine this.

The Importance of Chip Size When Customizing Your Card

Before you opt for that anime card skin or hilarious meme, card stickers, it's vital to determine your card's chip size. This ensures that your stick-on covers fit perfectly, allowing you to swipe, tap, or insert without any hassles.

Identifying Large Chip vs. Small Chip

There are primarily two sizes of chips found on most cards: large and small. Here's how you can differentiate between them:

Large Chip

The large chip, as its name suggests, occupies a more significant portion of the card's front. It's easily recognizable due to its size when comparing the two. It is more square/evenly shaped. When there are numbers on the front of the card it is usually right up against the top of the numbers. See some examples below:

revolut large chip card example for cucu covers card skinsChase Sapphire large chip card example for cucu covers card skinsPrime large chip card example for cucu covers card skins

Example of Large Chip

Small Chip

On the other hand, the small chip is more compact and rectangle shaped, with it looking slightly wider than it is tall. When there are numbers are on the front of the card there is a slight gap between the two. Many popular cards such as Cash App Card, Chime Card, and other major banks use it. Many banks use both Large Chip and Small Chip so its important to pay attention to this guide to know the right one. See some examples below of Small Chip:

Cash App large chip card example for cucu covers card skins

charles shwab large chip card example for cucu covers card skins

Lastly, here is an example of the Revolut Card with a Large Chip (Top) and a Small Chip (Bottom). 

Difference between Large Chip and Small Chip on Revolut Card for CUCU Covers

Example of Small Chip Card

Choosing the Right CUCU Cover

With CUCU Covers, you get the freedom to personalise your credit card or customize your debit card the way you envision. We offer different cover designs tailored to both large and small chips, ensuring a seamless fit.

Our Special Window Version

For those who prefer a glimpse of the original card underneath, our window version is a perfect choice. This design offers a cut-out, letting the card's chip remain visible, combining both style and functionality.

Customize cards and show the numbers with Window Version

Are the Covers Removable? Do They Work?

Yes, our stick-on covers are not only stylish but also functional. They're designed to allow your card to swipe, tap, or insert without any glitches. And if you ever decide to switch up the design or revert to the original look, these card covers are easily removable, leaving no residue behind.


Customizing your card is a statement of your personality. Whether you're into minimalist designs or vibrant patterns, knowing your card's chip size is the first step to personalization. With CUCU Covers, you're not just getting a card skin or a card sticker; you're getting a piece of art that speaks to you.

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